New Inge Look!


8 thoughts on “New Inge Look!

  1. Wheeler says:

    Lucky you!! I did get a Moomin…but I love this ladies card!

  2. maggie ann says:

    I really like this! So charming and sweet.

  3. jankern says:

    Do you know I might purchase Inge Look old ladies series postcards or has Inge Look created a book that includes them?

    • travlingirl says:

      Unfortunately i have not been able to find them anywhere in the u.s. That i know of only available in Finland, perhaps other areas of Europe but not sure.

      • jankern says:

        I see I left the word “how” out of my message above. Glad you still understood what I meant. That’s too bad they aren’t available here. I think Inge should do a book of her “old ladies.” It would sell well everywhere!

  4. Patti says:

    Love, Love, Love this print! Saw you on Pinterest…do you have a web site where you can purchase cards or prints? From, A Tea Party Caterer in USA

  5. Shirley says:

    Patti oh Patti…I cannot stop smiling at the antics of these wonderfully uninhibited “older women”.They inspire me! More coming, I hope!

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