Chain Round Robin postcards

On the postcrossing site that i participate in, i’ve joined the community forums. Here one can be more specific to join particular groups of postcards wanted for specific collections, participate in traveling notebooks to learn of other countries and cultures more in depth, etc. I’ve joined a very cool forum (i think) that involves a chain round robin postcard exchange. You sign up for a group which contains 4-8 people (depending) and you choose a postcard that will accomodate each persons address. The postcard you choose is one you really like because in the end it will come back to you. You receive only one address and that person when they receive the postcard will cover up their information with stamps and/or stickers and then add the next address that it should go to….today i received a postcard from the 2 groups that i joined. Here is the front and back of the first one:

View of the Black Sea


Front and back of second postcard:

You can see where i’ve added the U.S. stamp and Texas sticker. Also a couple of small flower stickers to cover up more of my address. I would have added addtional stamps but i was afraid of taking up too much room from others who still have to receive and forward on. In the end the back will be covered with all the stamps from places traveled – i can’t wait till i get mine back – i hope they don’t get lost. I love the Christmas post stamp on this one.


One thought on “Chain Round Robin postcards

  1. Wheeler says:

    I’m so dim…this looks like such fun, but I still don’t get what happens by the time the card is all stickers and no room for address? Have fun with it – I’d like to see the final card!

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